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Owner/CEO/Master Baker

Hi, I'm Jamie the mama, wife, farm gal, gardener, chicken wrangler, sourdough bread lady, baker lady and anything else you'd like to call me.
The Levenhagen Homestead was established October 2018. We knew the moment we drove onto the farm this was home. The hopes and dreams were overflowing. We started off with your basic chickens, ducks, turkeys an gunieafowl. Our egg business is where the dream of creating a business came from. I knew deep down in my heart I wanted to share the experience of the farm with others. I drew up plans, ideas and goals from that first summer. 
It was fall of 2021 when I truly decided to give sourdough a try. My husband Andrew wasn't really sure I understood how much love went into a simple sourdough boule. The thing is when I decide I'm doing something I do it. I spent hours upon hours, days upon days studying, watching, learning the art of sourdough. When the kids went to bed I studied, when the kids went to school I studied and during my 8-5 job I used breaks for more studying and learning. I remember my first two boules I baked. We brought them home to my parents and I really felt like I hit the jackpot. And I did!
Sourdough is more than just bread to me. Its healing your mind, its providing good quality food for your friends and family, its knowing where your bread comes from and it feels great. 
My main goal with baking sourdough, selling starters and offering the online classes is to offer some of that joy and peace I've found to others. If you can't bake it I'll bake it for you. If you want to learn yourself I'll teach you! 
This homesteading journey we are on is something that brings complete peace to my life. I want to share that with all of you. Welcome to Sourdough on the Farm!

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